At Safar, We Offer A Lifetime Warranty On All Of Our Handmade Bags. Your Handbags, Totes, Backpacks, Duffels & Briefcases Will Be Well Taken Care Of In The Future!

At Safar, we understand that your journey starts with your new bag. Whether you're traveling with a duffel bag, commuting with a briefcase or tote bag, going to school with a backpack or living out of your purse, you put a lot of trust into the bag that carries your most vital items. Your bag getting ruined from regular use should not be a concern!

All Bags Include A LIFETIME Warranty!

Should anything happen to your bag from day to day wear and tear, we will repair your bag and send it back to you. You only pay shipping and handling to send your bag back to us, and for us to ship your fixed bag back to you. If your strap fails, we will send you a replacement - you only pay shipping for sending the replacement strap to you. 

The following wear and tear damages are covered by Safar:

-Broken hardware, rivets and D rings
-Torn handles & straps
-Rips in leather, canvas and stitching

We all do crazy things, but any damages not related to wear & tear are not covered! The easiest way to put it - if you use your bag for reasons other than it's intended for, those damages are not covered.

For any damages or repairs, please email us at with the following information:

Your name
Your order number
The item you purchased
Photos of the damaged parts

We will review and reply with return information!